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Following is the list of programs based on the search criteria. Click any program name to view details or to apply. If you would like to request information from our staff about programs matching the search criteria you have selected, use the Request Info button.
You searched for Outgoing programs within FallSpring term or, having (Program Type equal to 'Affiliated Partner Programs'), sorted by Program Name in ascending order.

Program search results
Program search results
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AIFS Semester Abroad in Budapest Budapest Hungary Europe
AIFS Semester Abroad in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina South America
AIFS Semester Abroad in Cannes Cannes France Europe
AIFS Semester Abroad in Florence Florence Italy Europe
AIFS Semester Abroad in Prague Prague Czech Republic Europe
AIFS Semester Abroad in Salzburg Salzburg Austria Europe
AIFS Semester Abroad in Wellington Suva Fiji Australia/Pacific Islands
Wellington New Zealand Oceania
API in Barcelona, Spain: Spanish Language and Culture Studies Barcelona Spain Europe
API in Bilbao, Spain: Engineering and Spanish Studies at Universidad de Deusto Bilbao Spain Europe
API in Dubrovnik, Croatia: International Studies at Libertas International University Dubrovnik Croatia Europe
API in Santiago, Chile: Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies in Spanish Santiago Chile South America
API in Shanghai, China: Chinese Language and Culture Studies at East China Normal University Shanghai China Asia
CEA Aix-en-Provence, France - French Language & Culture Aix-en-Provence France Europe
CEA Aix-en-Provence, France - Studio Art Aix-en-Provence France Europe
CEA Alicante, Spain - Liberal Arts, Business, & Sciences Alicante Spain Europe
CEA Alicante, Spain - Spanish Language & Culture Alicante Spain Europe
CEA Amsterdam, Netherlands – STEM in Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
CEA Buenos Aires, Argentina - Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Buenos Aires Argentina Latin America
Buenos Aires Argentina South America
CEA Dublin, Ireland - Liberal Arts & Irish Studies Dublin Ireland Europe
CEA Florence, Italy - Liberal Arts & Italian Culture Florence Italy Europe
CEA French Alps: Grenoble, France - Intensive French Language Grenoble France Europe
CEA French Riviera, France - Science & Engineering Sophia Antipolis France Europe
CEA Granada, Spain - Arabic Cultural Studies in Granada Granada Spain Europe
CEA London, England - Engineering London United Kingdom Europe
CEA Madrid, Spain - Communication, Journalism & Media Studies Madrid Spain Europe
CEA Madrid, Spain - Engineering & Social Sciences Madrid Spain Europe
CEA Paris, France - Engineering Paris France Europe
CEA Prague, Czech Republic - Full Curriculum Prague Czech Republic Europe
CEA Viña del Mar, Chile - International Business Viña del Mar Chile South America
CIS Abroad Semester in Japan - Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Kyoto Japan Asia
CIS Abroad Semester in Sydney - Macquarie University Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
CIS Abroad Semester in Sydney - University of Sydney Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
CIS Abroad Semester in Thailand - Mahidol University Bangkok Thailand Asia
CIS Abroad Semester in Vietnam - RMIT University Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Asia
DIS: Study in Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark Europe
DIS: Study in Stockholm Stockholm Sweden Europe
ISA Bangkok, Thailand: Business, Hospitality, Social Science & STEM Bangkok Thailand Asia
ISA Barcelona, Spain: Spanish Language, Liberal Arts & Business - Universidad Pompeu Fabra Barcelona Spain Europe
ISA Buenos Aires, Argentina: Latin American Studies and Courses with Locals Buenos Aires Argentina Latin America
Buenos Aires Argentina South America
ISA Cusco, Peru: Language, Literature & Culture Cusco Peru South America
ISA Granada, Spain: Hispanic Studies - Semester Granada Spain Europe
ISA Lima, Peru: Liberal Arts with Locals- Academic Year/Semester Lima Peru South America
ISA London, England: Business, Media Studies, Psychology & Liberal Arts- Academic Year/Semester London United Kingdom Europe
ISA Madrid, Spain: Spanish Language, Liberal Arts, Business & STEM Madrid Spain Europe
ISA Rome, Italy: Business, Communications, International Relations & Liberal Arts - Semester/Academic Year Rome Italy Europe
ISA Salamanca, Spain: Health & Medical Sciences - Semester Salamanca Spain Europe
ISA Sevilla, Spain: Hispanic Studies & Electives - Universidad de Sevilla Seville Spain Europe
ISA Suva, Fiji: Environmental Studies, Education & Liberal Arts - Semester Suva Fiji Australia/Pacific Islands
ISA Sydney, Australia: Business, STEM, Liberal Arts, Health & Social Sciences Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Maastricht University: Business & Economics in Europe Maastricht Netherlands Europe
SIT Study Abroad Argentina: Public Health in Urban Environments Buenos Aires Argentina South America
SIT Study Abroad Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization, and Social Change Cochabamba Bolivia South America
SIT Study Abroad China: Health, Environment, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Kunming China Asia
SIT Study Abroad Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation Quito Ecuador South America
SIT Study Abroad Iceland: Climate Change and the Arctic Helsinki Finland Europe
Reykjavik Iceland Europe
SIT Study Abroad India: Public Health, Gender, and Community Action New Delhi India Asia
SIT Study Abroad Nepal: Development & Social Change Kathmandu Nepal Asia
SIT Study Abroad Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
Rabat Morocco Africa
SIT Study Abroad Panama: Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation Panama Panama Central America
SIT Study Abroad South Africa: Community Health and Social Policy Durban South Africa Africa
SIT Study Abroad Switzerland: Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility Athens Greece Europe
Geneva Switzerland Europe
Nyon Switzerland Europe
SIT Study Abroad Switzerland: Global Health and Development Policy Nyon Switzerland Europe
Rabat Morocco Africa
SIT Study Abroad Switzerland: International Studies & Multilateral Diplomacy Geneva Switzerland Europe