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Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Meet with Your Academic Advisor
Your academic advisor can help you understand how a study abroad experience may fit within your degree plan.  It is recommended that you meet with your academic advisor early in the planning stages so you can have a general discussion about your study abroad plans and learn about any academic factors you should consider as you decide on a program.  Here are a few questions you can ask during your initial advising appointment:
  • What degree plan requirements do I still need to complete (major, guided elective, free elective, minor, core)?
  • Are there any courses in my degree plan that I need to take on campus at UT Dallas?
  • Are there any courses in my degree plan that other students have transferred in successfully?
  • Are there any important prerequisites that I should take before I study abroad so I can continue with my course sequence when I return?
  • Will studying abroad have an impact on my degree progress or my intended graduation date?
  • Are there any academic policies I should be aware of if I plan to study abroad in the [term/year] semester?
  • Does my degree require an internship? Can I complete an international internship and gain academic credit toward my degree?
Once you decide on a program, you should continue working with your academic advisor to discuss how your study abroad courses may fulfill your remaining degree plan requirements.  This can also help you make a plan for the semesters remaining after your study abroad experience.