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Why Study Abroad?

Why Study Abroad?
Studying abroad is often described as a "life-changing experience," but what does that really mean? Many students will explain that their time abroad allowed them to immerse themselves in another culture and expand their worldview. Others may describe how studying abroad led them to discover a new passion, experience a different lifestyle, or practice a foreign language. Although the impact of studying abroad may be difficult to put into words, here are some tangible benefits:
  • Development of critical thinking, problem solving, time management, and communication skills
  • Increased employability and earnings potential
  • Personal independence and growth
  • Expanded networking and professional development opportunities
  • Lifelong interest and engagement in global affairs
  • Ability to analyze different perspectives and viewpoints

Interested to hear what other UT Dallas students have to say about their study abroad experiences?

Rachel Mullen

"Studying abroad actually helped me to decide what I wanted out of life. After returning, I completely changed my post-graduation plans and shifted my career goals. I learned about the broad range of possibilities out there and decided I wanted something different than my original plans. Study abroad gave me this insight that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise."

- Rachel Mullen, semester program in New Zealand

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Zeena Housini

"In my opinion, the beauty of studying abroad is the fact that you are forced to live outside of your comfort zone for the whole duration of your trip. This leads to learning and experiencing things you may have never thought of one day doing. It is an amazing opportunity to allow yourself to grow in a way you may not be able to in your home city."

- Zeena Housini, semester exchange in Turkey

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Xayra Balicante

"It’s cliché but I truly believe I came back as a different person. In a way, I just had a different viewpoint on life."

- Xayra Balicante, exchange semester in France

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Samantha Lee

"Prior to studying abroad, I had never even been on a plane alone, let alone lived in a foreign country without family and friends. I learned where I needed to grow, and I was able to explore my dreams of international work. Today, I am a lot more fearless and self-assured. I learned so much from my experience, and I believe this was an integral portion of my growth at UTD." 

- Samantha Lee, summer affiliated program in Costa Rica

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Anna McCaffrey

"My semester abroad has truly made my experience and time at UTD that much more special and unique to me. Not many students have the opportunity to partake in semester exchange during their collegiate career. I am very lucky that I was given that opportunity... "

Anna McCaffrey, semester exchange in Germany
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