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Make Travel Arrangements

Make Travel Arrangements
Book a Flight
In most cases, you will be responsible for booking your own flight.  Most experts agree that the ideal time to book international flights is between 2-6 months prior to your departure.  Before you book, take into account the cost of the ticket, the number of layovers, baggage limitations, and other possible fees.  Be sure you also keep your program dates in mind.  You will need to arrive on or before the start date of your program, and you will need to stay through the end of the program.  If you decide to arrive earlier or stay later, you may be responsible for arranging temporary housing since it may not be possible to extend your program's pre-arranged accommodation (see Find Housing below).

There are many ways to book an international flight.  You can use online search engines, book directly from the airline's website or call center, or make arrangements with a travel agent.  Here are some resources to help you book your flight:
  Find Housing
Most programs either arrange accommodations for students or provide support to help students find their own housing.  Occasionally, students may need to find temporary housing (if they arrive earlier or stay later than the official dates) or even arrange their own accommodation for the entire program.  Be cautious about using home sharing networks and opt for verified student accommodation websites. If you plan on traveling outside your host city for a side trip, consider booking through websites designed specifically for students who need temporary housing abroad, like StudentUniverse or STA Travel.