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Intercultural Opportunities

Intercultural Opportunities
UT Dallas has the privilege of hosting more than 6,000 students from over 100 countries worldwide!  These students enhance the diversity of our campus, making it a unique place to be global engaged at home.  There are several opportunities for students to engage in cross-cultural experiences with campus departments, student organizations, and community groups.

iFriend is a cultural exchange program that allows students to learn about other cultures and make new friends.  American students are grouped with international students, and pairs meet once per week for 8 weeks to discuss cultural topics and participate in cultural activities.  Registration opens at the beginning of each long semester (fall/spring). To learn more and register, visit the iFriend webpage.

International Week
International Week (iWeek) is a tradition that celebrates the cultural diversity of UT Dallas. Events typically include a showcase of cultures, a brew house with tea and coffee from around the world, henna, a global talent show, and more.  iWeek is held every April and offers many opportunities to get involved and volunteer.  For more information, visit the iWeek webpage.

Diversity Programs
The Multicultural Center provides a range of sponsored programs and events, support services, and activities that enhance the cultural and educational development of UT Dallas students. Participate in a cultural celebration, engage in diversity dialogues, or attend a leadership workshop. Cultural Student Organizations
There are more than 300 registered student organizations on campus, many of them focused on world cultures.  Join a student organization to continue developing intercultural communication skills, participate in fun celebrations and events, and learn about other cultures and regions of the world.  For more information, visit the Student Organization Center webpage.

Online Intercultural Courses
There are several free online courses focused on helping lifelong learners develop intercultural skills. Offered by different organizations and institutions, these courses allow flexible individual learning on a variety of topics, including intercultural competence, intercultural communication, cultural intelligence, and more.  Here are a few to explore: