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Other Funding Ideas

Other Funding Ideas
You don't have to rely solely on scholarship programs to help fund your upcoming experience.  Many students find creative ways to raise their own funds.  The sky is the limit, but here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Create a fundraising website Leverage your personal and community connections
  • Family and friends
  • Religious organizations
  • Local chapters of civic organizations (Rotary Club, Lion’s Club)
  • Current or previous places of employment
  • Mentors
Get creative!
  • Write an article for your local newspaper
  • Submit a video to the annual International Student Travel Video Contest
  • Live-stream your pre-departure experience on social media
  • Create a brief presentation or video to share with your family/friends/connections
  • Declutter and sell any unused/unneeded items
  • Request cash for holidays/birthdays instead of gifts
  • Start a blog or vlog
  • Perform odd jobs for your neighbors